Howard Tayler (howardtayler) wrote,

Wanted: Software for chaining digital photos into a stop-motion AVI or MPEG

Per sandratayler's most recent post, I've just learned that my 8-year-old wants to make a movie. The easiest way I can think of for him to make something that doesn't look like a corny home video is for him to stop-motion-animate some of our very, very many toys.

(I did this when I was a kid. My movies all sucked. Stupid 8mm camera...)

We have a digital camera capable of taking video, but not single frames of video. It can, however, take single pictures, and can hold lots and lots at a low resolution (640x480 -- twice what we'd be getting in video mode). So... what I need is a way to drop pictures into a video editor one at a time, and have it output an AVI or an MPEG.

I'm also on a budget. I need to be able to do this without spending money.

I've Googled this little project, and determined that I don't know enough terminology to ask the right questions. There seems to be no shortage of software out there, but I'd rather not have to install a dozen different packages in order to find one that actually does what I need.

So... do any of you have recommendations?
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