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July 14th, 2005 - Howard Tayler
Ramblings of a Happy Cartoonist
I just took a Lortab. If this entry stops tracking somewhere in the third or fourth paragraph, you'll know why.

This morning I failed my dexterity roll rather literally. I was playing volleyball, dove for a ball (which I slapped badly), and then tucked into a right-left shoulder roll (lead with the right shoulder, roll across to the left hip). But I failed my roll, both literally and spectacularly. It ended up being a right-side "shoulder furrow," followed by a rolling flop onto my back. There were funny noises and sharp pains, but no colorful metaphors because I was playing ball with a bunch of nice ladies from Church.

Ask anybody who has worked with me extensively: I'm quite capable of using foul language. I find it base, demeaning, and unfortunately rather expressive, if in a lowest-common-denominator sort of way. So... it's not that I didn't curse because I don't know how, it's that there was just enough higher function in my brain to override. What came out of my mouth was a grunt, followed by some throat-charring gutteral groaning as I put my shoulder through a quick self-test to see if anything was broken.

I can tell this is going to get long. Here's the obligatory 'More behind the cut' tagCollapse )
So, on to answering the big question: "What does this injury mean for you, who need your daily Schlock fix?"

Answer: Nothing, yet. I've spoken to some other cartoonists, and if I can't get healed up before July 23rd (a week from Friday), we'll put something together that does not involve me drawing. Why July 23rd? Because that's the end of Book IV, and would make a very natural place in which to insert a short mini-story scripted by me and drawn by other cartoonists.

It may not come to that. I don't want it to -- I'm a proud, proud person, and I have the first week of Book V drawn and ready to go. I'm sure I can heal up in time to get more material online. But if I can't... well, I want you folks to keep coming back every day, so I'll make sure there's a compelling reason for you to do that.

Now you know. I'm sorry that wasn't funnier. There have been some very, very funny moments today. I told a really good one about how I got my ass handed to me by a bunch of nice ladies from Church, and it had the radiologists rolling in the aisles, but I was high on endorphins at the time and can't remember what I said. Yeah, those Church ladies really, REALLY handed it to me. Sideways.

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