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Ramblings of a Happy Cartoonist
Nap Time
 I used to share nap time with my youngest. Well... it was nap time for me. Or it was supposed to be. I'd lie down for a nap and he'd tumble into the bed and decide that it was play-time. He'd offer me his blankie, I'd accept, snuggle it, and then he'd steal it away. I would petulantly say "hey!" and he would giggle. Then he'd offer it again. Repeat.

It was called "The hey game." 

I lay down for a power-nap about 45 minutes ago and discovered that my youngest, now almost eight years old, had left his blankie in my bed. It's a nice, thermal item -- too small to be an adult blanket, but perfect for wrapping around a bald head, turban-style. I did so.

Nobody stole it from me. On the one hand that left me longing for the days when my children were younger. On the other hand, I got a nice, warm nap with a blankie wrapped around my head.

Sometimes the good things in life are better when they're enjoyed while savoring the memories of other good things in life.

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