Howard Tayler (howardtayler) wrote,

My first day...

My first day in my new office was spent tidying it up. It's a good little space in what used to be referred to as "the sewing room" or "the guest room." I've got a north-east window level with the lawn (I'm half-way underground), and lots of space compared to my office at Novell.

And there's a drawing board in it.

I went out to lunch with Richard Bliss, and we talked about all kinds of stuff. There was some Novell gossip (we're both former Novell employees, and Richard is the VP of marketing for one of Novell's most successful partners, GWAVA), some discussion of cartooning, but mostly just a good time between a couple of old friends.

Richard brought me a video montage of photos he has of me at various Novell events, and at Comic-Con 2003. It was really, REALLY neat, and it nicely illustrated my transition from a product manager to a cartoonist.

I did some scripting first thing in the morning. Schlocktoberfest is going to be dark, like I've said before. I just hope nobody thinks it's dark because I left my day-job. I've been planning this story for YEARS now, and it's just COINCIDENCE that it airs the month after I leave my 11-year career in I.T.

And now, my son wants me to play a game with him.

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