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Some Grand Teton Vacation Notes - Howard Tayler
Ramblings of a Happy Cartoonist
Some Grand Teton Vacation Notes

I'm on vacation right now. It's not something I'm very good at. Vacation, to me, means completely unwinding and relaxing. Touring the Grand Tetons, even just for half a day in the rain, means something else entirely.

But it was certainly pretty.

Now we're back at the hotel, the kids are swimming, and I'm pouring sweat in the dry sauna trying to accelerate my caffeine detox. Later I think I'll unpack some paints and base-coat a couple of trolls in the hotel lobby.

Sandra is stressing over the vacation a bit. I think that this first attempt in years is a little bit like other, more intimate things a couple might do for the first time: it probably requires practice before it's as awesome as everybody else makes it out to be.

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jimhines From: jimhines Date: June 17th, 2010 08:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, man. I miss mountains...

I hope you're all able to enjoy it, despite any occasional clumsy fumbling around.
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