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Howard Tayler

Ramblings of a Happy Cartoonist

29 February
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I'm Howard Tayler, full-time cartoonist, and creator of Schlock Mercenary, the online comic space opera. Full-time cartooning is an unmitigated delight.

sandratayler and I live in Orem, Utah with our four children, code-named Kiki, Link, Gleek, and Patches for the purposes of our publicly-traded e-pistles. They love having Daddy work from home, and are a large part of the delight that has thus far gone unmitigated.

NOTE:I'm also the same Howard Tayler who, once upon a time, worked as the Product Line Manager for Novell's Collaboration offerings. I stopped doing that in September of 2004.

In modern parlance I'm a "Gen-Xer," but I fit that category about as well as you fit the ones society tries to cram you into. I live in Utah, and have been described as the "coolest mormon anyone will ever meet." Strictly speaking this is not true, but I've heard it more than just the one time, so I'm passing it along.